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Liberty Games

Liberty Games is an independent video game design studio

based Reunion Island

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Our expertise


Cross-platform development
Cross-platform development

Consoles, PCs, mobiles & provision of technical services


Games Art Design & High quality graphic creation

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Efficiency & method
Efficiency & method

Nous proposons les meilleures méthodes et les technologies les plus efficaces et pérennes pour atteindre les objectifs

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About us

Liberty Games is an independent video game design studio based on Reunion Island. Driven by a desire to create, Liberty Games develops original and quality games for multiplatforms while putting themselves at the service of others. The studio offers players original experiences, strong emotional content, advanced challenge, and high quality execution.

Our projects


Our games highlight how our society works. They combine the pleasure of playing, adventure and the satisfaction of understanding to give gamers a unique experience

The Eyes of the Cat

Genre : Adventure, puzzle, contemplative

Plateform : Consoles, PC

Creators: Manuel Ruiz Dupont

Gameplay: Tird person

Target audience : Teens-Adults

PEGI estimate: 7+

Localization : EN, ES, DE, UK, IT

Release date: Under development

Introducing the Eyes of the Cat

IIn this video game production, the player puts himself in the shoes of a cat evolving in a desert city. He must escape from a bird of prey led by a blind child perched on top of a tower. IHe is confronted with two possibilities: either he manages to escape from this labyrinthine city, or he opts to lock the child in a rom qithout windows, to prevent him from guiding the bird of prey. During this epic journey, the player must also ensure the survival of this avatar by exposing him to the sun’s heat and taking care of his sustenance.

Sing World

Genre: Open world, RPG, music, social game

Platforms: Consoles, PCs, Smartphones, VR

Creators: Laurent Daufès

Co-production: In Media Vita

Target audience: Occasional, Music Enthusiasts

PEGI estimate:

Location: English

Release date: Under development

Introducing the Sing World project

Play as you wish, as a singer progressing in your career or as a fan. Become a producer and support your favorite artists. Give concerts live in front of two people or a million, whether on the street or in the biggest stadiums. If you can’t sing, don’t worry! You can be a producer, manager or run your own show and work closely with your idol. Inside Sing World, anything is possible! Be part of a social adventure where your interactions with other players will always be rewarded. Visit Music City, with different neighborhoods influenced by their own style and atmosphere.


Genre : Investigation game and narrative puzzle

Plateforms : PC, Mac, Consoles andTablet

Creators: Muriel TRAMIS

Coproduction: Sensastic Prod

Target audience : Teens-Adults

Estimation PEGI : 16+

Location :French – English

Release date: Under development

Introducing the Remembrance project

The first narrative puzzle in the Creole world with a thrilling investigation background! Discover the world of Creoleness thanks to an experience combining investigation game and narrative puzzle. You play Philadora, a 25-year-old science journalist living in France, curious and intrepid, invited by a mysterious stranger to hunt a “zombie” who haunts a Creole home. Transposed into a country whose customs and the weight of history she is unaware of, she will have to reconstruct a painful past from memories of the people and places she encounters during her investigations. He will have to explore the microcosm that constitutes Creole society to understand its workings and gain acceptance from the protagonists. Confronted with vengeful spirits, she will have to discover the identity of the one who invited her and why only she could solve this matter. Far from the clichés generally associated with the Tropics, this introspective quest will take you on a sensitive walk, in a universe where the real world and the beyond intertwine.


Genre: Platformer 2D, Adventure, Die and Retry, Educative

Platforms: Pc

Creators: Eric CASTIEAU, Romain FOLIO

Co-production: In Media Vita

Target audience: MiddleCore Gamers, Public Target Stella Museum

PEGI estimate: 12

Location: French, Creole, Malagasy

Release date: Under development

Introducing the Tsilaosa project

Tsilaosa is an adventure game that tries to tell the painful story of the Maroons, through its emblematic character: Tsilaosa. The game takes place when Tsilaosa escapes from his state of servitude to flee to the heights of Reunion Island. The player sees himself evolving in the fantasy landscapes of the island trying to escape the settlers who hunt him down and avoid the various natural traps that stand before him. As your adventure progresses, your character will come across many of the island’s iconic locations or its history. Many fact sheets on the historical reality of Marronnage are also present in the game, in the form of texts and illustrations.

Exorcist Truck

Genre: Solo Dexterity Game, Pixel Art retro feeling

Platforms: PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Creators: Laurent Daufès

Co-production: In Media Vita

Target audience: Mr and Mrs Everyone, Tourists, Reunion Lovers, Residents

PEGI estimate: 7+


Release date: Under development

Introducing the Exorcist Truck project

You drive a truck full of holy water on the roads of Reunion. You must throw it into the mouth of the volcano of the Furnace in order to prevent Sitarane from unleashing a horde of demons on the island! Every obstacle is a danger, every turn is a risk, every flying shot can wake up the evil accomplices of Sitarane and the witch Grand Mer’ Kal. But if you arrive fast enough and in time, you will save the souls of the island and prevent Gran Diab’ from waking up!

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Public aid and tax credits


A tax credit of 30% of eligible expenses up to the limit of 6 million euros per fiscal year

We have the opportunity to finance and co-finance projects with public aid from Reunion, France and Europe (Région Réunion, le FAJV du Centre National du Cinéma, Europe Creative, etc.). Our team will be happy to answer your questions, in addition to helping you take advantage of the tax incentives associated with the development of Video Games in Reunion and France.

In addition, Reunion as a French region is eligible for the Video Games Tax Credit for the development and production of Video Games.

The Video Games Tax Credit is a tax incentive scheme that allows creative companies to deduct from their tax a share of a game’s production expenses. It consists of a tax credit of 30% of eligible expenses up to the limit of 6 million euros per year.

It must be requested before the completion of the game. The expenses give rise to the right to the tax credit for the fiscal year during which they were incurred, from the date of receipt, by the National Center for Cinema and Animated Images, of the request for approval on a provisional basis.


Thank you to our financiers for making our projects possible !

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